Pet Policy

1. There are no age, weight, or breed restrictions.

2. All dogs must pass pet interview prior to moving into apartment.

3. Only pets listed on the Pet Agreement are allowed on the premises. Visiting pets are not allowed on the premises.

4. Up to 5 pets allowed per apartment. No Pet deposit required.

a. Each individual animal counts as a pet (ex: cage with multiple birds, reptiles, rodents – each animal counts).

b. Aquatic animals that cannot survive outside of water (ex: fish) do not count as pets.

c. Must have photo of each pet on file.

d. Pet Rent: 1st & 2nd pets are $25/month each, the 3rd & 4th pets are $50/month each, 5th pet is $100/month.

i. Unless specified by move in special.

ii. Move in special only applicable to first lease term.

5. The pets will only be permitted to remain in the unit if the unit and pets meet the following conditions:

a. Must adhere to all rules and regulations as outlined in the Pet Agreement.

b. The unit must be kept in clean and sanitary condition.

c. The pets must be kept in good health.

d. The pets must not cause damage to the unit.